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The Centre has completed six research projects on development and application of GIS and web GIS sponsored by the DST New Delhi and presently conducting a collaborative research project jointly with UCOST, Dehradun which aims to develop web based Uttarakhand Geoportal. Details of these projects are presented below.


 Research Programme Completed

  1. MANU-Map of Neighborhood in Uttarakhand, sponsored by the DST, New Delhi, during 2013-14.
  2. Setting-Up Centre of Excellence for NRDMS in Uttarakhand. DST, New Delhi , during 2009-12
  3. Up gradation and Application of NRDMS Technologies in District Almora, sponsored by the DST, New Delhi, during 2006-09.
  4. Empowering Youth through Geo-informatics for Local Area Planning, sponsored by the DST, New Delhi, during 2005-2007.
  5. FIST, DST New Delhi Programme Project (Coordinator) DST New Delhi 2005-2010
  6. Setting-up of Natural Resources Data Management System Centre at Almora, sponsored by the DST, New Delhi, during 2002-2005.


      On Going Research Project

 Development of Standard Based Uttarakhand GeoPortal for Decentralized Governance , a joint collaborative research project of the Centre of Excellence for NTDMS in Uttarakhand, Kumaun University and the UCOST Dehradun,  sponsored by the DST New Delhi and State Government of Uttarakhand, UCOST, October, 2012 onwards.


         Objectives of the Project

  1. To develop a standards-based GeoPortal and Clearinghouse for Uttarakhand State and demonstrate its utility in Decentralized Governance.
  2. To build technical capacity of various government departments in geographic information management for sustained maintenance and use of the Portal, and
  • To increase awareness and understanding of the vision, concepts, and benefits of Spatial Data Infrastructure at different hierarchical levels.


         Project Staff

  1. Research Scientists Scientist-2 (Rs.19,600-31,000, Grade Pay 6000/-)
  2. GIS Analyst -1 (Rs.20,000/-pm)
  • JRF-1 (@Rs.16000/-pm)
  1. GIS Technicial-8 (@Rs.10,000/-pm)
  2. Lab Attendant -1 (@ 5000/- pm)



Deliverable output of the Project

  1. i) Uttarakhand Geoportal (see Section-9 for details).


Impact of Climate Change in Hydrometeorology: A case Study from the Kisi Watershed, sponsored by Uttarakhand Science, Research and Education Centre, Dehradun, January 2016 onward.


Objectives of the project

  1. Collection of hydrometeorologic records under varied ecological conditions.
  2. Monitoring of hydrologic parameters under varied ecologic conditions.
  • To workout strategy for groundwater augmentation for mitigation of climate change impacts.


Project Staff

  1. Project Assistant -1 @ Rs.5000/-pm
  2. Data Recorders-11 @ Rs 500/pm